I have been searching for beauty in its many forms for my entire life. The study of beauty is a barefoot  adventure along the many paths of our life on this planet, it is an intimate relationship with nature, it is truth, but most of all it is a voyage into our ability to observe the world so we may ourselves become creators of beauty.

When we take the time to observe the smaller and often hidden folds of the physical world, the apparent wall that separates the material from the abstract crumbles - the shape of the visible opens up to new territories and interpretations. I call my photographic exploration of those territories Still Motion, two apparently contraddicting concepts, wonderfully woven together by Japanese author Yukio Mishima’s reflection  - “When you look at the world with knowledge, you realize that things are unchangeable and at the same time are constantly being transformed.”


Sebastiano Tecchio

"Sebastiano Tecchio's photos shimmer mysteriously. They are paintings of light that evoke tactile qualities. Spontaneity dominates all of the photos. Sometimes the spontaneity is expressed with bold brush strokes and other times the scratched forms are still in the process of becoming. In spite of the vagueness of the forms the images are bold and dramatic. The photographs are reminiscent of Abstract Expressionist paintings. Expressive color and gestural marks of the artists – Pollock, Hoffman, Stills, Motherwell, etc – were the result of their efforts to tap their inner psyches and create bold, monumental works of the ineffable sublime. They abandoned representation and identifiable image to create pure paintings. Sebastiano Tecchio’s work is superficially similar in the abstract nature and the gestural quality of the colors of light. Unlike the abstract expressionists he maintains the association with physical reality in some of his titles – and only a complete break in others. Sebastiano's work is less about recording an image and more about making an image."​  - Magnum Awards Review

2019 - Virginia Inn - Seattle

Inner Night - solo show curated by Patrice Demombynes

2017 -  Infinito Studio Gallery - NYC 

Still Unstill -  solo show curated by Roberto Brambilla and Margarita Rumie

2019 -  Frattura Scomposta - Italian Arts Magazine associated with Google Arts (Article on page 98)