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I offer prints in various unique mediums and only use the highest quality materials.

Finished prints range in size from 10" by 15" to 48” by 72” in limited editions. I also do limited editions of 3 for prints that are 60" by 90" when the photograph's resolution allows for it. 


Large Panels  (72"x144") are single editions and can be printed on various mediums, including Duratrans backlit photo printing.

I sign and number each print, pairing it with a Certificate of Authenticity.


I can help you choose the right image, finish and size for your space. When you have questions, we can speak via email or phone. 

If it is helpful, you can send me an image of the space at your home or business where you would like to hang the artwork. I’ll send you back a preview of what the print would look like at different sizes.

Prices vary slightly, depending on the chosen medium.

Starting prices using Premium Luster Photographic Paper:

10"x 15"   - $ 180     (No edition)*

16" x 24"  - $ 400     (Limited Edition of 24)*

24" x 36"  - $ 800     (Limited Edition of 18)*

32" x 48"  - $ 1,600  (Limited Edition of 12)*

48" x 72"  - $ 3,200  (Limited Edition of 6)*

60" x 90"  - $ 6,400  (Limited Edition of 3)

72" x 144"- $ 12,800 (Single Edition)

* Shipping in the continental US and in the EU is free of charge.

Upon request I can have your artwork framed in the manner of your choice. Framing costs vary depending on the chosen medium.

If you already know what image(s), size and finish you want, send me an email with the name of the photograph(s), size of print and preferred print medium.

If you want to talk things through first, please contact me directly.

Licensing is available for all of my images. Please contact me with your licensing needs and for pricing information.

While most of the portraits displayed on my website are for viewing only, I am always happy to offer my services for portrait and family photography. Contact me and let me know how I can assist you.

If you are interested in video installations using my animated photography, I would be very happy to help you find the best way to display them in your chosen space.

Contact me for Pricing and Licensing.

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