Sun flower Eye copia.jpg

what you see is what I saw

Large photographic compositions intended for large spaces


Unstill Night - studies on light and time (2013-20)


Night scapes on how variations in time affect light, while I move the camera freely. (Pantelleria Island, Italy - New York - Seattle)


Unstill Day - studies on light and time (2016-20)


Diurnal images, on how variations in time affect light, while I move the camera freely. (Pacific North West)


Acqua - liquid landscapes for the inquisitive eye (2013-20)

Water's reflective nature as an everchanging canvas of infinite geometric and chromatic possibilities. (Rome, Italy - New York City - PNW)

reflection of the locks.jpg

Elusive Cities - the city within (2018-19)

Observing the city's night lights in a way as to give visual form to my state of mind. (New York City - Seattle)

city swirls (wide).jpg

Bodies of Water - reflections if the inner self (2018-20)

Focusing on water as a way to look at people, capturing perhaps intimate aspects of the inner self. (Seattle)

woman in a green skitr.jpg

Coast Lines - horizontal landscapes (2019-20)

The horizontal geometry of coastal lines in perpetual movement.
(Pantelleria Island, Italy - Pacific North West - Costa Rica)

costa rica (one).jpg

Landscapes at the Edge - the Pacific North West (2015-20)

Visual explorations at the edge of the Western world. (Pacific North West)

protection island.jpg

A Different Sky (awaits us) (2020)

Is the sky changing? What awaits us down here? (Pacific North West)

Cloud Canvas 10.jpg

Arboribus - the secret life of plants (2018-20)

Plants are sentient beings. (Rome, Italy - New York - Pacific North West)

swan flowers.jpg

Portraits - instants (1995-2020)

Indelible moments when I looked into other people's eyes (Italy, USA)

light touch.jpg

No Standing Any Time - the city below our feet (2013-15)

There is an entire universe layed out under our feet as we move, often without pause, through the modern labyrinths we call cities. (New York City)

no standing anytime.jpg

Footprints - impact (2020)

Humanity's footprint on planet Earth. (Mixed overlay of images)

strada pericolosa.jpg