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Unstill Night - studies on light and time (2013-20)


Night scapes on how variations in time affect light, while I move the camera freely as if it were a paintbrush. (Pantelleria Island, Italy - New York - Seattle)

Unstill Day - studies on light and time (2016-20)


Diurnal images, on how variations in time affect light, while I move the camera freely as a painter might use a paintbrush. (Pacific North West)

Bodies of Light - the soul of water (2020)


Impressions of artificial light reflected in dark bodies of water, allowing the figurative to emerge out of pure abstraction. (Seattle)


Acqua - liquid landscapes for the inquisitive eye (2013-20)


Water's reflective nature as an everchanging canvas of infinite geometric and chromatic possibilities. (Rome, Italy - New York City - PNW)

Elusive Cities - the city within (2018-19)


Observing the city's night lights in a way as to give visual form to my state of mind. (New York City - Seattle)

Bodies of Water - reflections if the inner self (2018-20)


Focusing on water as a way to look at people, capturing perhaps intimate aspects of the inner self. (Seattle)

Coast Lines - horizontal landscapes (2019-20)


The horizontal geometry of coastal lines in perpetual movement.

(Pantelleria Island, Italy - Pacific North West - Costa Rica)

Landscapes at the Edge - the Pacific North West (2015-20)


Explorations at the edge of the Western world, a land so beautiful it takes your breath away. (Pacific North West)

A Different Sky (awaits us) (2020)


What does the sky look like as we dive deeper into the climate crisis? Is it changing? What awaits us down here? (Pacific North West)

Arboribus - the secret life of plants (2018-20)


An ongoing attempt to give visual interpretation to the theory that plants are sentient beings. (Rome, Italy - New York - Pacific North West)

Portraits - instants (1995-2020)


Indelible moments when I looked into other people's eyes (Italy, USA)

No Standing Any Time - the city below our feet (2013-15)


There is an entire universe layed out under our feet as we move, often without pause, through the modern labyrinths we call cities. (New York City)

Footprints - impact (2020)


Initial attempts to give visual interpretation to humanity's devastating footprint on planet Earth. (Mixed overlay of images)